Bárbara Masiá

let’s talk about me

Who am I?

I’m Barbara, the founder and designer of Nebula Studio Bcn. You will recognize me because I have a big smile and colorful hair.

I was born in Barcelona, a city that I love and share with my family. I live surrounded by art, music and color.

How did it all start?

Since I was a child I have been interested in the world of art, design and fashion. That’s how I started working drawing prints for big multinational companies. Thanks to them, I learned to be very versatile playing with many styles of illustration. I also learnt to work at high speed. In addition, I acquired technical knowledge of printing and production techniques.

I am left-handed · I play the guitar and sing in two music bands · When I draw I take up a lot of space · As a child I didn’t like pink color · I’m a feminist · I love check marks

And what happened next?

I had already started Nebula Studio Bcn in 2018, but in 2020 the world stopped and I felt it was time to dedicate all my effort and time to it.
I got my first clients and the dream was materializing. It was when I began to exhibit at shows like Première Vision, Playtime and Surtex that I realized that my studio is here to stay.

Meanwhile in my head…

I had the desire to develop a more personal style, to create a universe of my own. A style that is constantly evolving and is based on colorful, fun and bold patterns.

And now, let's enjoy it!

I am a very cheerful and optimistic person. I want to fill things with color and joy. I am very caring and I love to help. I am here to listen to you and make your prints come true. 

what my happy clients
say about me

“El trabajo de Nebula Studio es estupendo y además me encanta trabajar con Bárbara. Los tiempos de entrega son siempre adecuados y domina su trabajo, algo que a nosotros nos da confianza.”


"“We love working with Barbara because she understands what we are looking for and she is very quick to send us proposals.”

Lady Pipa

"We are very blessed to work with Barbara and to show your unique and beautiful creations on our designs. Love to work with you!"

Harper & Yve

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